We have re-invented the guitar stand

The Breeze Inventions TP-Stand is perfect for traveling musicians, this is a world first! A full size guitar stand that packs away into the palm of your hand. Toss it into your guitar case, bag or back-pack and you’re on your way. No awkward or bulky old style guitar stand to carry around wherever you go. The Breeze Inventions TP-Stand can hold over 15 different instruments and serve as a Violin stand, Flute stand, Bass stand and much more. It is extremely portable and light, yet strong and stable to protect your instrument. This Internationally Patented stand packs into a soft case that is about the size of a take-out cup of coffee, 3″x3″x7″. This uniquely designed stand can be carried easily in your guitar case and when you’re ready to use it, take it from its case and it instantly assembles itself to full size! You simply set the base and set your instrument down; the Breeze Inventions TP-Stand holds it securely in place.

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